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Falls Management

A new dimension: CarePoint with AutoAlert

CarePoint, our proven resident safety system, is now integrated with AutoAlert, the first pendant style help button that can automatically call for help if a fall is detected. Having the proven AutoAlert technology integrated with your Falls Management program, will enable senior living communities such as yours to enhance quality of life and promote independence by harnessing the power of Philips.

View this video for a demonstration of how this new standard in help buttons can help you differentiate your community.

Community Without Walls

Extending care to more seniors in more places

As increasing numbers of seniors opt to age in place, becoming a Community Without Walls (CWW) can help you expand your reach, strengthen your connection with consumers and increase your revenues. 

The Philips Community Without Walls services include Lifeline with AutoAlert, the Philips Medication Dispensing Service, the Philips Telehealth Services, and the CarePartners Mobile App.

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*AutoAlert does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their button if they need help.