Why CarePoint?

Sample StarburstCarePoint is a powerful, integrated, easy-to-use resident safety/nurse call and wander management system that is trusted and relied upon by some of the country’s largest Senior Living providers to help keep their residents safer. Designed to help you operate more efficiently and effectively, this highly flexible solution is easily customized to meet your campus’ unique needs.

Now UL2560-Certified, CarePoint has been designed to abide by specific product safety standards that include providing visual cues to confirm an alert has been sent, providing greater peace of mind for seniors in need of help.


CarePoint is unique in the fact that it is the only nurse call system that integrates with AutoAlert, the most widely adopted fall detection technology with over 300,000 users. The system helps provide that every resident being monitored is cared for, is safer and that calls for help are promptly responded to through its failsafe monitoring.


Maximized staff effectiveness and accountability

A key advantage with CarePoint is that it offers emrgency/nurse call, controlled access, and wander management in one system that is easy for staff to learn and use. Comprehensive resident information management enables staff to be fully informed and working at optimized efficiency.


Enhanced resident safety

Features like AutoAlert with a Help Call Assurance Light, and the ability to integrate controlled access and wander guard solutions, helps you keep your residents safer.


Industry's most intuitive software

CarePoint’s easy-to-use interface is the result of decades of working with, and incorporating feedback from, senior care professionals.


Efficient installations and outstanding support

Expert installation, web-based or on-site training, and 24/7 support helps your system comes online quickly and run reliably.


Convenient device management

Easily enhance your system with additional devices, and run a report to quickly see which system components need battery replacements so that you are always operating at optimal levels.

How it Works


The Central Monitoring System (CMS), is the foundation of your CarePoint solution. It features SmartCare software, which receives and processes input from all points on your campus, including alarms from residents, signals from devices, system alerts, and notifications about door status and potential wander activity.  SmartCare analyzes all of this information and communicates it to your staff with speed and precision.


The CarePoint system employs a wireless network “backbone” to provide call coverage over an entire community—both indoor and outdoor spaces. Multiple wireless receivers and links are strategically placed throughout your campus helping your staff quickly determine call location so they can provide rapid assistance to residents whenever and wherever they need it.

Medical Alert

The AutoAlert Advantage

The AutoAlert fall detection technology automatically alerts staff if a fall is detected in case the resident is unable to push the button to call for help. This added layer of protection provides a distinct advantage when every second counts. The choice of more than 300,000 people since its introduction in 2010.

CarePoint Resident Safety with AutoAlert:

CarePoint is a powerful, integrated, easy-to-use Resident Safety System that thousands of Senior Living Communities are using today to keep their residents safer

As the only senior living solution that goes beyond standard help buttons to include the most widely adopted fall-detection technology of AutoAlert, CarePoint offers added peace of mind for your residents and their families.

Designed for flexibility and reliability, the CarePoint system allows you to design a custom solution tailored to your organization’s needs – with options including records management, controlled access, wander management and smoke detection alerts and more.As your community changes or grows, the system can easily be modified to accommodate your evolving needs.

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Carepoint with AutoAlert Testimonial
- Friendswood



The Philips CarePoint solution is made up of specialized system components that work together seamlessly to blanket your campus, providing consistent monitoring coverage both indoors and in outside spaces. Customized to your requirements, the system can be easily upgraded to accommodate changing needs.


Central Monitoring System

The heart of your CarePoint solution, the Central Monitoring System (CMS) receives and dispatches alerts from all devices in the community, utilizing redundant features to provide reliability. Powered by SmartCare software, it also enables caregivers and administrators to customize, monitor and manage the system.



Wireless or wired-in series, the system backbone conveys information around your campus, and can be configured to operate even during power outages.  

Wireless Receiver           Wireless Link


Alert Devices

Simple to configure, position, and maintain, alert devices are wireless and fully supervised by the system. Devices communicate help calls to the CMS using a highly reliable communication protocol.


Controlled access and wander management

Fully integrated wander guard capability with RoamAlert technology allows you to prescribe access rights on a by-resident basis for those with cognitive impairment. Residents wear the smallest electronic ID “tag” in the industry, which sends information to controlled doors when they are approached. 

The doors react accordingly, and each event, including resident information, is noted and can be escalated within SmartCare to notify staff as appropriate. Full reporting capability is available as well.


Staff Communications

CarePoint delivers a new level of intelligent communication for your resident safety program. The system provides on-demand notification capability, so you can message staff at any time regarding activities, emergencies, or any other information you need to communicate quickly.

 CarePoint can be used to generate one-time and recurring staff reminders on medications, doctor appointments, birthdays, etc. Remote network stations provide convenient access to resident records, reporting capability, pagers, email, text, and two-way radios simplify staff communication.

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