Predictive Analytics

Identifying when a senior needs assistance, Philips Senior Living solutions ─ including CareSage with AutoAlert ─ help seniors lead more independent, safer lives with greater peace of mind.

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Drive more referrals to your senior living organization by positioning your communities as preferred providers in post-acute care. CareSage enables greater visibility into the “white space,” the critical timeframe post-discharge when the opportunity to directly assess a patient’s well-being is low and the risk of readmission is high. Philips’ powerful predictive analytics engine delivers actionable, forward-looking data that can be used to craft customized care plans, especially for high-risk patients.

A senior care breakthrough and an indispensable population health management tool, CareSage integrates EHR information with medical alert data and is the only solution that can identify when a senior needs assistance or is at risk for emergency transport in any upcoming 30-day period. The system empowers care teams to take preventative measures that can help seniors and their families avoid the cost and emotional toll of ER visits and reassure acute care providers that their patients are being well cared for.

Predictive Analytics

Proactive care

Anticipate—and take steps to prevent—falls and other urgent medical issues.

Insightful reports

Patient Risk Prediction Reports identify patients at risk for hospitalization in the next 30 days based on health decline and change in status.

Dynamic data

CareSage provides benchmark assessments, real-time alerts and reminders, risk analytic models, workflow analysis, and more.

Rapid deployment and full integration

CareSage can be implemented quickly and provides better care coordination through seamless system integration.

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Improve Patient Outcomes

With Philips Predictive Analytics, help your health organization reduce avoidable admissions and ER visits for its frail and elderly population. At Philips Lifeline, we’re here for you every step of the way. Whether your senior living community is interested in Lifeline, CareSage, or you’re simply looking for more information on Philips Lifeline solutions, we’re always happy to help.

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Predictive Analytics

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