Senior Living Communities

Within your community and beyond its walls, Philips Senior Living solutions─including CarePoint with AutoAlert─help seniors lead more independent, safer lives with greater peace of mind.

Why Philips?


When it comes to peace of mind for seniors, their families, and the caregivers on your staff, Philips delivers across the care continuum─from Independent to Assisted Living and Home and Community based services. With comprehensive systems that address many aspects of a resident’s physical health and well-being, Philips’ solutions let them go about their daily activities with the confidence that their unique needs and circumstances are being tended to.


That trust and assurance comes both from the technology and the company behind it. Philips was a pioneer in medical alert systems in 1974, and we are a leader and innovator today. We have invested, and continue to invest, a tremendous amount of time and capital in advancing our systems. And our clients will tell you that no company is more emotionally invested in the safety and security of seniors than Philips.


Pioneer and innovator

For more than 40 years, Philips has advanced the technology to keep seniors safer.


Thousands of satisfied senior living communities

With some of the largest senior living providers as customers, Philips delivers what residents and operators need─peace of mind with the right technology.


Comprehensive solutions

Our products serve the full care continuum: IL, AL, CCRC, SNF, and Home Health.


Recommended by healthcare professionals

We’ve received hundreds of thousands of referrals from senior care experts─they’ll appreciate that you use Philips too.

Care Segments



Deliver Better Care

With Philips Lifeline products and solutions, we have long been committed to helping seniors age in place safely. At Philips Lifeline, we’re here for you every step of the way. Whether your senior living community is interested in Lifeline, CareSage, or you’re simply looking for more information on Philips Lifeline solutions, we’re always happy to help.

You can contact us by using the form found here, the button below, or by calling us at 1-800-816-4885 to learn more.




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