How to Make Your First Casino Visit a Success


A casino can be a confusing place to first-time visitors. Its open rooms and the presence of security guards, dealers, and pit bosses can make it seem like the place is overcrowded, and there are no signs, maps, or tour guides to explain where everything is. However, there are some things you can do to make your first visit a success.

Less natural light

Many casinos have begun experimenting with different lighting schemes to reduce their energy costs and environmental impact. One casino in Florida began using natural light from skylights in 2008. This saved enormous amounts of energy. In addition, more casinos are turning to LED lights for their displays. For example, Resorts World covers an indoor globe with LEDs and has a 100,000 square foot display lit up with the same technology.

Lack of chiming clocks

The lack of chiming clocks in casinos is one of the psychological tricks casinos use to keep players in the casino. The lack of chiming clocks in casinos encourages players to stay longer at the casino, which in turn leads to big winnings. Another psychological trick is the lack of windows. The light outside can shock people who are playing in the machines.

A lack of chiming clocks is common among casinos. This is largely because casinos were designed to isolate players from the time. Since the early days, the lack of chiming clocks was an attempt to ward off distractions, such as wristwatches. The absence of clocks has become a defining characteristic of casinos.

House edge

The casino house edge is a powerful indicator of how much a casino is likely to lose to you. The longer you play at a casino, the greater the house edge will be. A casino’s goal is to keep you from knowing when to quit. In order to ensure this, many casinos do not have windows or clocks to show players the time. In addition, most casinos offer free drinks, which are a welcome bonus for many first-time players. However, these freebies can actually cost you more money in the long run.

While many players try to beat the house edge by placing their entire bankroll on a single bet, this method of gambling robs the players of the fun and entertainment they normally get from gambling. Therefore, many players devise betting systems that reduce the house edge. The house edge differs in different games, as well as between regions.